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I love excess represented in photographic format :D
Alain Delorme.


WOO! For woobeans!

I took this photo back in July while I was helping Jocelyn take photos for her etsy shop - woobeans. This was what i got at the end of the photoshoot :) Thanks Jocelyn!
And be sure to buy lovely things from WOOOOOBEANS!


Little Lovefoxxx

Please read this, it is hilarious ...


mushrooms for dinner

for marcia! 
melvin mushroom on etsy.


beautiful BC

this weekend i danced to music that echoed off of mountains.  then i rode in the back of a pickup truck up a logging road somewhere in Birkenhead Lake Park.  we stopped and cooed at a baby bear cub relaxing on the branch of a tree.  and we also cooed about BC. 

i'm going to have this morning view in a couple of weeks! 

photo by jennilee marigomen via old chum

check out her journal, it's like everyone who is awesome in BC put their photos in one place, except it's just one person. 


etsy shop update!

ok, i forgot to make a post when i opened the shop but i've finally added the rest of the items!  i've been working on some more candy coloured pyrite abominations that you'll be able to see in September so stay tuned.  :)

check it out!  woobeans.etsy.com


the herschel supply co.

i've always been a backpack type of girl.

heritage bag by the herschel supply co. at needsupply.com


Cricketz by New Boyz featuring Tyga

Rappers in tight jeans. Hell yeah.

Cricketz by New Boyz featuring Tyga

Rappers in tight jeans. Hell yeah.

The Juan MacLean

Feel So Good.

little drifters

photos by my friend Ling.  :) 

a dragonfly landed on it!  how exciting is that? the day before i had foraged in stanley park and i kept a fern frond but i forgot to use it.  my first drifter fell over because its stick mast was way too heavy.  this second one had a better design (especially for small insects) and the leaf sail made it go zippy fast.  now i know for next time.