photo tuesday: business

he's got places to go and people to see




i love maps!!!  i love this post full of maps. 



unnamed season

i like this painting by betteo.  i wouldn't have visited deviantart if it wasn't for ffffound!


Olympics 2010 - Vancouver, BC

On Granville Street.

Granville Street Olympics 2010

Stumbled upon this hotness yesterday on Granville.

boys running = hot

This video is months old, but i just saw it today and i liked it :)


forever young

yah, i like this song, i admit it.  and i wish this guy could've been my music teacher!  more at their blog.  scroll to the bottom for a list of songs. 


antelope canyon

i've wanted to visit a slot canyon for a while now.  every year i visit the sandstone desert cliffs in nevada to go climbing, and 4 or 5 years ago i did a road trip with two friends to utah just to see orange rocks and canyons.  we wanted to walk through some canyons at Zion but the water level was too high and fast.  and cold.  oh well. 

i was searching for some reference photos for work today and when i typed in "slot canyon" into flickr i got pages and pages of beautiful photos.  i think i'd really like to go to Antelope Canyon right now please.   

i don't like pants

which is why i like jumpsuits.  


i already have a tunic that kind of looks like this, except it's kind of stiff.  i'm not really a green person but i like seafoam.  also, i like seafoam with burgundy.  i don't think i would wear all these things together if i owned them all, but it could probably work that way.