photo tuesday - ready for outside

i think it's pretty clear that i like quiet photos.


keep warm

a project by action weaver (travis meinolf)

lots of photos on his website of weaving.  i would like to weave a blanket, now!  

some of his outdoor weaving photos remind me of the best art summer day camp teacher i ever had.  he had the best ideas, like making large stained glass butterflies with jewel toned tissue paper sandwiched between cut-out sheets of manila cardstock.  or one of the best days ever in my life when the whole class ran around in the park with balls of yarn, weaving in and out of each other, wrapping around trees like pins in a board, making a colourful web. 

mieke williams

i would love to visit this cute belgian store, mieke williams


photo monday

in san francisco, i think.  
 click the photo for the flickr page.



Make me laugh,


Jake Gyllenhaal. Make me happy, Vampire Weekend.


Fuck, yah.

tara donovan

came across this artist last night while flipping through the blog of the place i bought my glasses.  (i think i'm regretting going for black, i wish i had the crystal grey ones now instead!  oh well)

i am so inspired by tara donovan's super organic forms made with mostly extremely artificial materials.

styrofoam cups


fishing wire

scotch tape

tar paper
more here.



this video is from last year but it's new to me!  i think efterklang is my new favourite band this week.  the triangles are my favourite part.  sometimes i secretly wish i was scandinavian. 

... ok, that's not a secret. 


in your face!

the title of this series is hilarious