cabin + cub

i really dig these collages by cabin + cub.

cabin + cub on etsy.


last night i made a sparkly swarovski headband. not quite finished yet, i still need to attach an elastic. i bought these colours to go with my christmas party outfit but ended up not having time to start on it. oh well, any day can be a sparkly day, right?


our good friend (and marcia's roommate) saw some rhinestone headbands at a jewelery store with her daughter and wanted to make some for her for christmas.  the kid likes shiny things.  the headbands were 35 bucks at the store.  after last night i almost think it's worth it!  i misplaced my bead pilers (which would've made it easier to pick up the crystals) and the glue gun was maybe not the cleanest choice of adhesive.  but i figured it out in the end and it only looks sloppy if you bring it up to your nose.  :)


forest bulbs

i'd like to try making bulbs like these but i'll be away for christmas this year. 
 i guess they could be used for non-holiday reasons. 

photo tuesday

all photos by twin wire hang overs



tumblr full of deer.  looks fairly new.  i can't wait to see more.

walk in the woods

i feel like this Shopbop lookbook has my name written all over it and makes me want a pair of worn-in brown leather lace-up oxford boots even though i've never been able to fit my legs into a pair so slim.  look at it!  military style jackets, lumberjack plaid tunics, boyfriend jeans, and shorts with tights! 



If i knew where to buy this, i would and i would wear it every day next to jocelyn in her galaxy tights :)


winning the lottery

when i win the lottery i will buy these leggings and wear them every day!