last night i made a sparkly swarovski headband. not quite finished yet, i still need to attach an elastic. i bought these colours to go with my christmas party outfit but ended up not having time to start on it. oh well, any day can be a sparkly day, right?


our good friend (and marcia's roommate) saw some rhinestone headbands at a jewelery store with her daughter and wanted to make some for her for christmas.  the kid likes shiny things.  the headbands were 35 bucks at the store.  after last night i almost think it's worth it!  i misplaced my bead pilers (which would've made it easier to pick up the crystals) and the glue gun was maybe not the cleanest choice of adhesive.  but i figured it out in the end and it only looks sloppy if you bring it up to your nose.  :)


Danielle Benda said...

Aileen's Tacky Glue works WONDERS for these types of projects. ...oh and tweezers.

jocelyn said...

tweezers!! genius!

Crissy said...

You can get "hotfix" rhinestones ... heat to affix! Simple as that!