saddles and spectators

i left this video alone for a few months and then watched it 8 times in a row again today. 

which leads me to these shoes:

asymmetrical spectator shoes that they all wear in the video.  they're by george esquivel and i doubt i'll ever find them in vancouver. 

speaking of vancouver, i've been debating getting a pair of bass saddle shoes.  i tried on a pair at gravity pope but after getting a good closeup view of the esquivel ones on the website i don't think i want these anymore:



next to an unhealthy obsession with pyrite is my love for turquoise and gold together.  
here's an start to an idea for some new pieces.  the execution worked well but i'm not happy with the shape, the way it hangs, and how it looks around my neck.  but it's a start.  

the nerds in the vicinity requested a dopamine molecule.  it's not a very pleasing one (visually) and might be difficult to pull off but i think i'll give it a try. 


family pictures

my cousin just scanned a giant pile of family photos.

this one of my aunt from the 80's is totally ace. there it is again, a red scarf on a hiking trip. i am totally going to copy her entire outfit. her boots even match her sweater and scarf.  PACIFIC NORTHWEST 4EVER.


jewelry teaser

been working on some necklace designs today. 

i picked through a box of embroidery threads at Ruby Dog's Art House and pulled out all the cool colours.  also found two arm charms.  arms!!  they'll have to hold something, that's for sure.  


some triangles

two things from the internet i saw.

all for the mountain solo triangle necklace ($130)

mociun triangle ring ($210)


a peace treaty

meticulously and exquisitely hand embroidered by 200 widows in afghanistan. 

my favourite scarf is a peace treaty scarf.  i have a feeling it will last me the rest of my life. 
i think that first one pictured will be a gift to myself when i find myself employed again.