you've got the love

i like to listen to 2-steppy music more than i like to dance to it.  this super nice Florence and The Machine remix/cover by The XX reminds me of of the late 90's except... much cooler. 

listen at hypemachine

nap time

from the pandaworld flickr group

glasses for sale

I am selling these unisex J Crew "Rivington" glasses by Selima Optique. 

Right here at my otherwise empty Etsy store!
SOLD! yay!


another fantastic pair of socks!


fall shoe roundup

in addition to these Camper boots i posted about before here's all the shoes i want for fall if i win the lottery, inspired by today's cold, wet, and blistered feet:


arial and helvetica

from ragbag

i grew up in an "IBM compatible" house, now affectionately known as a PC.  other kids my age had Apples.  some had IBM compatibles.  my dad liked to put together his own computers and also worked on his own database software for his work so it made sense for us to have an IBM compatible. 

this meant i was exposed to Arial rather than its predecessor Helvetica.  as a kid i thought Arial was the bee's knees.  i used it for everything.  it wasn't until i met Helvetica that i realized a typeface could actually feel perfect.  solidly constructed.  and so generic that it can't offend. 


socks! a fantastic pair of socks!

speaking of my birthday ...

From the boyfriend this year (alongside some friendly hint-dropping) i got the Eames Swivel Office Chair from Fullhouse and i picked up some hot birthday boots from Bohemia Gallery on Main street near 16th Ave. Upstairs in The Loft are some great re-purposed designs by local Karen Green of ODP.

happy birthday, marcia!

yesterday was marcia's birthday!

marcia loves manatees.
make a donation to the save the manatees club!


grizzly bear in japan

from grizzly bear's blog.
listen to them here or here.

excited to see them in october.


pottery class and handbags

marcia and i had our first pottery class yesterday.  i won't get to do or learn as much demi moore/patrick swayze wheel work as i'd like to (not enough wheels for the entire class) so look forward to lots of boring lumpy stuff, and watch out if your birthday is coming up in the next 10 weeks.  har har.  NOoooooo...

in other news, i want this bag (pictured below)!  i didn't buy one at the erin templeton sample sale last week, which was awesome, by the way.  i mean, who has sangria and chips and salsa at a sample sale?  she does!  i did buy a belt that was made from a tragic pair of leather pants that desperately needed to be re-purposed. 

anyways, this bag is made of recycled leather straps and a reclaimed WWII military stretcher: 

ok, one more note about bags.  after seeing a Fjällräven kanken mini backpack on someone else's blog i scoured the internet for one for myself.  i'm a sucker for anything cute that i can ride my bike with.

i recently discovered that my secret love J.Crew is now selling them.  i'm both angry and impressed that a large corporate giant is stocking something i think is awesome.  angry because it's a large corporate giant and i come preprogrammed to hate those kinds of things because of my social, generational, and educational spheres of influences.  impressed because J.Crew continues to sell and style things i totally dig.  like heels worn with socks.  i'm sorry, ok? i'm sorry!  

today's best picture ever


more msn icon favorites (the internet animals we love)

Bojangles everyone ... Mr. Boooooo-janglesssssss

WHO doesn't love Pepe?? WHO? He wears a wig for godsakes.

This fabulous animal can grow human hair!

This is the awesome RAcoon Bear.

This dog is wearing a toque. How could you not love him.... jocelyn.

*sorry i cannot remember the sites i found these on :(

yah, i wanna make this

Who wants to come over for thanksgiving dinner cuz i'm making this and it's gonna taste as good as this picture looks. I'm pretty sure i have that identical plate too.


How did i miss them when they opened for CSS???


my stinky armpits

i was checking up on the braid wednesday flickr group (because it's wednesday, in case you were wondering) when i noticed a link to a recipe for homemade deodorant:

i think i might give it a try.  i'm not a huge fan of the smell of tea tree oil (i.e. hippies and old people in a tiny bottle) and most recipes suggest you add it (for its supposed natural antibiotic properties) but this one doesn't!  Sounds like baking soda is the star of the show.  i may not add the Vitamin E oil.  I heard its topical effectiveness is contested and i don't want to buy an entire bottle of it.  HEY, anyone wanna lend me some vitamin E capsules?  ;)

now i just need to find shea butter and cocoa butter.  i think Capers would have those.  and while i'm there i'll sample the essential oils for something non-offensive and skin-safe. 

msn messenger icon

this image from Team Macho has been my instant messenger user picture for the last few months.  I love it so much that my words are failing me. 

crocheted necklace

oh! isn't this nice. 
er... slightly out of my budget. 
but my birthday is coming up.
just sayin.
i would wear this a lot. 
it would go with everything i have because it's all grey. 
oh this would also look fantastic with what i'm wearing today, which also happens to be grey.  oops.

from today's etsy featured seller kjoo



JOcelyn - i'm pretty sure if we have 3 kids each we can combine them and form our own asian youth dance troupe and make videos.

antique crate

You would think that since I work in video games I'd never wanna see a wooden crate again in my life but this one rules.  I might buy it.  Don't tell Andrew. 

from luckylittledot on etsy

dress project

So some of you know that I recently decided to commit to acting on words that come out of my mouth that sound something like, "I could make that myself." 

I've had this linen dress i found on etsy saved in the back of my head for a while.  I think it's very doable and i love things that look like formless pregnant sacks. 

My (mom's) sewing machine is mildly spectacular but I don't know if it's spectacular enough to let me get away with sewing some fine ruching like that.  Instead i was thinking i'd thread a thick elastic inside (or maybe two or three thin ones) and make a tie in the back where it can be adjustable.  Oh look at me, i'm so crafty.  Well we'll see if this works.  :P


Here is a video for your viewing pleasure.
The ending in this one is particularly good :D
You want more.


hey, that's not garbage

it's fabric.

it's monday night ...

and i'm listening to GAK.

pottery class

I'm excited about the pottery class that me and Marcia signed up for that starts THIS THURSDAY YAAAY!!!

It's gonna be JUST LIKE THIS:

 RIP Patrick Swayze.  RIP.



Yes, children, hamu chan meat products are now available!

Choices include hamu bacon, hamu cold cuts, hamu weiners and even hamu corn dogs. Pick yours up today at a butcher shop near yous.


i love tea

i know! i KNOW! all i do is re-post posts from design*sponge. My apologeees. But she finds the coolest shit (guilty sidelong glance here).


marcia, this is for you: 

erin templeton

I'm not really a handbag/purse kind of person but I wanna get me one of Erin Templeton's bags.  I love the idea of recycled leather goods.  I have an awesome belt made by Ashley Watson (also of Vancouver. what gives? apparently we are full of awesome) that was made from old leather jackets.  I like all of these ideas. 

Erin Templeton is having a sample sale today!!!!!  With sangria!!!!



There is no one else. Special.

macrame = yes, ma'am!

design*sponge says it's cool and i say it's fucking awesome.

Ferns for fall

They are growing in my backyard. You want to make??

sorry, it's fashion week

It's NY Fashion Week.  Not quite as exciting or awesome as its European counterparts but just enough to fawn about.  Like Leanne Marshall's new collection.  I think she's my most favourite Project Runway winner ever.  Her Spring 2010 collection is inspired by this font called Basic Math.  Clothing inspired by fonts?  Clearly she knows the way to my heart:   

Also, my appreciation for dusty pastel pink has grown in the last few years.  I'm accepting it into my life after years of wearing boy clothes.  Dare I say I like her use of origami folds and shapes better than Christian Dior's? 



collages here ...

If I taught design ...

... i would teach people to design like Sophie Meier: www.cosyworks.com

Boy/Band of Outsiders

I think the recent boat shoe trend feels a little precocious on all the young hipsters and chochy kids so I've been avoiding them but then someone pointed out to me that my moccasins come pretty close to being boaty.  Kind of like how I hate salad but someone pointed out that I actually eat some kind of salad every day for lunch.  Both of these people who pointed these things out were named Jennifer at birth but now call themselves Jen or Jenn, but definitely not Jenny. HMMMM. 

Cutting to the chase:  I love the new Spring 2010 Band of Outsiders (Boy is their women's line) collection despite the boat shoes, which I am now on the fence about by default, I guess.  

Ghetto in the vancouver non-ghetto. Sorry, folks.

This is my current project. Bowl number 4. In the red that jocelyn picked out at Birkeland Bros. since 1939, on Main near 19th. Wow, i think that by posting this photo, I just made this blog ghetto ...


botanical illustrations

I think these are actually ripped from real vintage botany books but i'd like to draw my own because i love plants as much as i love french fries.  Especially ferns. 


Blue Pot :)

I totally want this blue pot. I will plant mints in it. Hmmm ... maybe i'll try MAKING one in POTTERY CLASS! :D


I DO NOT want to make this!