my stinky armpits

i was checking up on the braid wednesday flickr group (because it's wednesday, in case you were wondering) when i noticed a link to a recipe for homemade deodorant:

i think i might give it a try.  i'm not a huge fan of the smell of tea tree oil (i.e. hippies and old people in a tiny bottle) and most recipes suggest you add it (for its supposed natural antibiotic properties) but this one doesn't!  Sounds like baking soda is the star of the show.  i may not add the Vitamin E oil.  I heard its topical effectiveness is contested and i don't want to buy an entire bottle of it.  HEY, anyone wanna lend me some vitamin E capsules?  ;)

now i just need to find shea butter and cocoa butter.  i think Capers would have those.  and while i'm there i'll sample the essential oils for something non-offensive and skin-safe. 


Tove said...

let me know how this goes.
Most natural deodorants are too weak for my innate stinkiness.

you might find cocoa butter/shea butter somewhere like Sweet Cherubim, or even Famous Foods, which has a huge bulk herbal section.

marcia said...

cool! i will let you know if you still smell.

jocelyn said...

tove, i sweat like a maniac so the only thing this would help me with is the stinkiness. i hope. :D

Christina said...

i have calendula oil is u wanna use that instead. it also smells nice.

and since u are a baker, you should scent it w/ vanilla or almond :)

marcia said...

wow, at this rate ... i may have to eat your armpits, jocelyn :)