i'm mesmerized by these delicate skin drawings.


by ariana page russell
find out how she did it.


embroidered plants

i found out about tiny happy today.  she embroiders lots of cute forest motifs onto little satchels and things.  lots of the plants she choses are very west coasty and remind me of being a kid and picking out clovers and white clover flowers from the ground and saving them for no reason.

this one made it onto a foraging satchel:

i'm aching with love for the little wood button!!
lots more cute things at tiny happy's etsy shop.

i've been insulting cross stitch and hobbyist embroidery for years but now i kind of want to try this myself.  it reminds me of when my grandma showed me how to embroider some pretty flowers onto something i was sewing.  maybe i should stop being a hater. 


dog blog

Over the weekend my boyfriend and i raked the leaves that fell off the million year old oak tree in our backyard. This is our roommates dog, Maya, having a nice sit in the leaves before we piled them into a 2-story pile.

photo monday continued


things i'd like to make before the end of the year:

- linen dress
- felted ball necklace
- taken-in ugly eagle t-shirt from Canadian Tire
- macarons

image from londoneater

photo monday

charlene yi by miamizeiss


unused lookbook 2009.  i love old people.

see the rest of it here.


For Terrarium

Because i love them soooooo much!!!!

stella mccartney for gap kids

marcia, we each need to produce a baby by november so we can buy some veggie-friendly clothes and shoes for them by stella mccartney.  

too bad it had to be a partnership with The Gap, the most boring place on the planet. but that probably means it'll be more affordable than regular stella mccartney items. i prefer her adidas line, anyway, which lies somewhere in the middle of the affordability spectrum.


the demo for machinarium came out earlier this month.  it's made by an independent studio, amanita design.  i only mention that because marcia loves amanitas.  i'm going to try it out soon.  i like puzzle games.



I loved this game.  American McGee's Alice.  This flickr set of concept art from the game kind of makes me want to play it again.

Looks like they're making a sequel!  With giant snails!


hunting wabbits

speaking of shooting animals in the woods with your dog pals, i passed by the Roots store on 4th avenue today after my physio appointment and briefly saw this jumper in the window on a mannequin, styled with a jacket and a purse and possibly a pair of jeans. 

i was upset i couldn't find it on the website, but then i realized i wasn't looking in the right category.  it's actually a nightshirt but it was styled very cleverly as something wearable during the day. 

and damn rights i'd wear this during the day.  nightshirt my ass.  most of you know i love things that look like aprons, potato sacks, tunics, military uniforms, maternity wear, or all of the above.  this one covers a few of those categories so i might go back and try it on in the next few weeks.  i would wear it with jeans or tights and a cropped jacket.  and a big scarf. 

also, 3/4 length sleeves!  the secret window to my heart! 

wool blankets

i came across this all-American Filson store today through a post on camp comfort about totes.  it's full of hunting and fishing accessories, and outdoor clothing for people and dogs.  all the things you'll need to camp with your pickup truck, including stylish gun totes.  

i can't say i really need a gun case but i would looooove to have one of these wool blankets.  the fat striped plaid patterns are especially ace.  especially the red one.  ACE.  GIMMEE!!


Chestnuts and Acorns. You can find them on the ground right now and they are very nice. I found these ones on 10th Avenue this afternoon. It's hard to find acorns with their caps still on, plus they come off easily. Acorns.

love what you do

i could never feel this way about commercial graphic design (i think marcia would agree) but i love this poster anyhow:

Studio Violet

Everything on the blog Studio Violet makes me happy.



i am sooo excited to go to Cuba this december and tonight i think i'll force myself to put down the fiction and pick up our guidebooks instead.  i'm just not a guidebook reader but we have a lot to learn since we'll be puttering around by bicycle.

no, not a motorcycle!  a bicycle!  but it was this lovely set of photographs that cemented my longing to visit Cuba someday.  i've had this page bookmarked for a while and i revisit it from time to time while playing this Buena Vista Social Club classic over and over, further romanticizing the already rose-coloured picture of Cuba i have in my head. 

i'm still not sure if i'll bring both of my SLRs (digital and non-digital) or just one and a point-and-shoot.  or will there be room for the Holga as well?  one pannier for cameras, one for everything else.  mostly underwear. 


monster chair

i'd like to curl up in this chair with a gigantic book. 
looking forward to seeing Where the Wild Things Are this month. 


by joshua ben longo


pottery class

we received our first glazed pieces back this week. one of mine is so ugly i can't bear to look at it. the other is this narrow mug which turned out pretty cool.

the selection of glazes available to us are all food safe so the colours aren't as outrageous as they could be, but some of them are still pretty neat.  the rim and inside were painted with a glaze called "texture iron" and the bottom was dipped in black.  the mug itself is too narrow for me to like very much but i think i'd really like to do a set of tea cups in these colours. 


sally jane vintage

i like these two vintage finds from the sally jane vintage etsy store:


i love rain

this morning started off much better than yesterday's.  i had oatmeal for breakfast and a comfortable walk to work.  70mm of rain forecast for today!  i put on my rain boots and rain jacket with extra long sleeves and a pair of red tights to ward off the potential rain negativity that will come shooting out from people's mouths for the next few months!

and now i'm eating a perfectly ripe honeycrisp apple! 


hidden landscapes


came across this livejournal community yesterday, ofmornings. it's all pictures of breakfast. i love breakfast.

what did you eat for breakfast this morning?  i had half a glass of soy milk mixed with hemp protein powder.  we ran out of eggs and toast and oatmeal and other regular breakfast things.

Vancouver wants Grizzly Bear inside her

They're show last night at the Vogue theatre made us want them inside us. Deeply penetrating sounds with lights glowing inside glass jars hanging from telephone pole-like structures. What's that german art word for completeness? i can't remember, but that's what Grizzly Bear is like for me.

My favorite song a capella: The Knife
JOcelyn's favorite: Two Weeks

Also need to mention the Morning Benders who put on a heart-breaking opening for Grizzly Bear. Fabulous. The Morning Benders.


photo tuesday

photos by hui+

my wallpaper

this is my current wallpaper on my macbook. 

by harry bloom


celebrity space rave

alexander mcqueen's spring/summer 2010.

complete collection + detail shots here.
video here

i think at least the first few minutes are worth watching.  what a fantastic show.  "...casting an apocalyptic forecast of the future ecological meltdown of the world: Humankind is made up of creatures that evolved from the sea, and we may be heading back to an underwater future as the ice cap dissolves."



seems like no one on the internet knows what's up with Keedz.  are they a new Justice project?  are they Justice copycats? 

whatever, i still like it.

plants wearing pants



today's best thing on the internet is Regretsy.

other gems:
fetus cat toy
handcrafted placenta
masturbating dinosaurs
fish in a squirrel suit taxidermy
custom polymer clay vulva pendant portraits

Vintage framed chalkboards

Want to make!!! Here's how. Images from here.


it's fall and we have needs

jocelyn needs this toque.

and i need this bag. hot red-head not included.

photo monday

some photos to start off your week.

who knew LA could be so beautiful?


sunday craft day

sunday is arts and crafts day!  last last (last?) sunday we picked ferns and other plants we don't know the names of from marcia's backyard and pressed them between pages of a phonebook. she brought them over today along with the antique papers she picked up from ruby dog--legal foolscaps from the 20's and 40's.  

one of marcia's, in progress (above).  this plant emerged from the press really awesomely! 

my finished piece, mounted on a silkscreened clipboard from the regional assembly of text.

the other one i made didn't turn out as cool as i expected.  i had high expectations because i love ferns, but now i think i only like them when they're alive.  

after arts and crafts we went out for an indian food buffet.  marcia enjoyed the tandoori chicken for dessert and i ate 6958448 papadums.