Vancouver wants Grizzly Bear inside her

They're show last night at the Vogue theatre made us want them inside us. Deeply penetrating sounds with lights glowing inside glass jars hanging from telephone pole-like structures. What's that german art word for completeness? i can't remember, but that's what Grizzly Bear is like for me.

My favorite song a capella: The Knife
JOcelyn's favorite: Two Weeks

Also need to mention the Morning Benders who put on a heart-breaking opening for Grizzly Bear. Fabulous. The Morning Benders.


moar said...

I'm a dork, I just made myself a playlist based on my new cherished item, my disney font set list. :D

I loved that they finished with He Hit Me.

Have you seen this before?

Jamu Kakar said...

I've never heard Grizzly Bear until now. They're awesome, I really like 'Two Weeks'. It reminds me of a modern-day A Ha. They need to write a song called the Sun Always Shines on Twitter and they'll be instant heroes.