shorts weather

i think i'll go try to find a new pair of denim shorts today.  i have two pairs:  one's too big and one's too small.  this length and wash by masscob would be perfect. 


pyrite and gold

unemployment.  i am making some necklaces to sell at a craft fair at the end of May, and also to put on my future etsy shop.

right now it's mostly a manifestation of my obsession with pyrite but i'll be expanding into other gems and rocks once i figure out how (i.e. avoiding wire wrapping at all costs!).  so i'm currently focused on pyrite, gold, and brass coloured things.  did i mention i've also been working on a drawing of pyrite?  i think i have a problem.

photo monday: pacific coast trail

i found these images via needsupply via jakedavis

i think the shift to synthetic fabrics in the self-propelled outdoor universe has also meant a shift towards totally ugly hiking apparel. these vintage photos are tempting me to go backpacking with cotton shorts and t-shirts and striped wool sweaters and a red bandanna tied around my neck, which would be awesome for the massive amounts of sweat i make.  the cotton... not so much.  

He says, "It's so interesting how they're all wearing a uniform in their own unique way and the whole scene feels like a lookbook"... "It's real and has absolutely nothing to do with fashion. I think that's why I like it so much..." See the rest of the photos here.


first aid kit

Found this Fleet Foxes cover again via For Me, For You
How did i forget about them? 

Fever Ray - if i had a heart. Watch here.


still forest bound

forestbound updated her bigcartel shop.  i still love how she tells the story of every salvaged textile she uses. 

string topo

get out.  this is too cool.  the kind of awesome that is so great you selfishly wish you came up with it yourself.


chemical flowers

in other news, i am working on a drawing on pyrite. 



excited about the dores handmade etsy shop update on monday.  

you've probably seen me wearing this necklace, it's become one of my staples!  i've also been wearing one of her bracelets for a few months now.  i'll be sad when it breaks off like a friendship bracelet.  i should've made a wish when i put it on.  i love the antique warmth of brass. 

i ordered some faceted pyrite beads and i'm going to make some necklaces.  maybe i'll even sell a few.  i'm obsessed with pyrite these days. 


vintage shoe finds

i'm not sure how i stumbled on this vintage shoe and handbag shop on etsy (if you can even call 80's gear vintage) but i love how everything is listed with clear and carefully measured sizes and details. 

despite my (somewhat irrational but sorta legitimate) weird issues with second hand shoes i think i'll buy a pair but i can't decide which one.  i'm going to leave all their tabs open so i can decide over the next day or so.  :)


photo monday

i am enjoying this film flickr set by knifed.  i feel like i could have taken these photos myself because it includes all things endearing, like natural history museums, vintage cameras, and the small patch of exposed belly on your favourite person when they lift their arms above their head.  


best ever

by ashley lande.  
go to her site for more beardy geometric pseudo-religious awesomeness.