a is for acorn

today i went by Collage Collage and picked up a print for a friend (she just turned 11 on thursday) and i HAD to buy some acorns ... even though i can get them off the ground and roll felt myself .. i felt the need to spread that love by purchasing these ones .. plus i liked the composition they made inside their plastic wrapping :)



a pair of tights i would like to own.


Pop music + good hair = love

And she's super hot. Loooooooove. La Roux. Full screen version found here.


ryan mcginley

i think i've found my new favourite photographer
(his website has lots of naked, NSFW).

i like these photos of people in caves.


and i love all of these.  it was hard for me not to save everything on his website to post here.



westcoast this with that

I would like to have this draped-front grey hoodie by makool.  And I would wear it at a weekend at Treehouse Point



photo tuesday

winter, summer.




i'm totally drawn to geometric shapes these days. i love these embroidered necklaces by spinthread on etsy, especially this one called batman:

and check out this girl's hair.  forget what i said yesterday about wanting straight hair again.  i want this!! 

i also like these cubes

vampire weekend

i like vampire weekend's new album, especially the song Run.  i don't know how to link to the song directly, but their new album is streaming on their website and myspace.

i love acorns!!!!

I love acorns sooooooooo much!


long hair

looking at pictures of Au Revoir Simone at a concert in NY makes me want to ditch my fake curls and have long straight hair again and wear dresses and hang things from the ceiling.  it's been about 15 years since i've had long hair. 


colour of the year

Pantone's colour of the year is turquoise. 

I like this a lot.  I'm looking forward to stacking my life with turquoise, teal, and burgundy this year.  I wore a burgundy uniform for 12 whole years of my life for every school day and I'm secretly still not sick of it, but it hasn't been a huge part of my life since graduating from high school.