Singing while eating a sandwich ...

Is sexy :)

Today is Maru's Birthday.

Happy Birthday to the best internets cat in the world :)


Roisin Murphy

No bra + disco diner + hilarious dance moves = the new awesome :)


yes please!

grey or navy stripes?  i like them both :) 



I crochet and i want. Mushrooms.


Another running video.

I tell yah ... boys running in music videos - it's a great idea in your head and on YouTube :)

DJ Mehdi



Need i say more?



today tove taught me how to knit!!! 

umm... somehow it doubled itself in length (i swear i didn't do it myself) and also there's a gigantic unexplained hole but she kept convincing me that all these mysterious problems will be solved by practice. 


I don't know

Maybe it's the pizza truck with the eyes and teeth, or maybe it's the rotating room with cut-out heads, or maybe it's the kid inside that guys red t-shirt ... but whatever it is .. it's awesome.
The Cool Kids. Delivery Man.


collection update

i wandered into a tiny store in Kits today called Amethyst Creations and promised myself to go back there again sometime.  there were piles and piles of gems (mostly amethyst but there really were piles of everything heaped into various makeshift containers) and i asked if they had any pyrite kicking around. 

the girl behind the counter pointed to a few heaps scattered around the store and then she pulled out a small cube, perfectly formed and as shiny as a mirror.  "check THIS out!" and she plunked it on the remaining counter space. 

i adopted it for a few bucks.  

nature makes these, y'know.  just like that. 



found objects

i am so proud of the stick i found while running in the woods yesterday!  so i haven't made much progress in terms of making more jewelry but i've hung them all up now.  plus you can see the new chunk of pyrite i acquired from a vintage etsy seller that came from the basement of an old gemologist.  it came with its own little egg cup!



By Mika


dream cats

this is urri.  dreamcats tumblr is making me want cats.  this one in particular is making me accept the grey sky today.