embroidered plants

i found out about tiny happy today.  she embroiders lots of cute forest motifs onto little satchels and things.  lots of the plants she choses are very west coasty and remind me of being a kid and picking out clovers and white clover flowers from the ground and saving them for no reason.

this one made it onto a foraging satchel:

i'm aching with love for the little wood button!!
lots more cute things at tiny happy's etsy shop.

i've been insulting cross stitch and hobbyist embroidery for years but now i kind of want to try this myself.  it reminds me of when my grandma showed me how to embroider some pretty flowers onto something i was sewing.  maybe i should stop being a hater. 


marcia said...

yes, no more hate please. Unless we're talking about uggs ... grrrr ....

i like that it's called a 'foraging satchel' - that makes me happy; like a squirrel foraging for nuts happy :)

Tove said...

I love it. I used to do cross-stitch, but I wanna try embroidery like that. I met someone who was embroidering little birds onto things as some kind of emily carr art project... they were so sweet.

jocelyn said...

i don't actually hate uggs. i mean, i wouldn't wear them with a mini skirt and a yappy dog, but i don't thing they're offensive. they're just... tall slippers. :)

everything's offensive when worn with a mini skirt and a yappy dog.

marcia said...

jocelyn - i don't think we can be friends anymore.