pottery class

we received our first glazed pieces back this week. one of mine is so ugly i can't bear to look at it. the other is this narrow mug which turned out pretty cool.

the selection of glazes available to us are all food safe so the colours aren't as outrageous as they could be, but some of them are still pretty neat.  the rim and inside were painted with a glaze called "texture iron" and the bottom was dipped in black.  the mug itself is too narrow for me to like very much but i think i'd really like to do a set of tea cups in these colours. 


Danielle Benda said...

I love it J! Very nice. The colours are awesome.

Tove said...

I kind of like narrow mugs! they look so unique. Love the colours. Nice work!

Jenn said...

I like narrow mugs for drinking coffee and big mugs for drinking tea.