sunday craft day

sunday is arts and crafts day!  last last (last?) sunday we picked ferns and other plants we don't know the names of from marcia's backyard and pressed them between pages of a phonebook. she brought them over today along with the antique papers she picked up from ruby dog--legal foolscaps from the 20's and 40's.  

one of marcia's, in progress (above).  this plant emerged from the press really awesomely! 

my finished piece, mounted on a silkscreened clipboard from the regional assembly of text.

the other one i made didn't turn out as cool as i expected.  i had high expectations because i love ferns, but now i think i only like them when they're alive.  

after arts and crafts we went out for an indian food buffet.  marcia enjoyed the tandoori chicken for dessert and i ate 6958448 papadums. 

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marcia said...

i'm pretty sure i saw you eat more papdums than that ...