hunting wabbits

speaking of shooting animals in the woods with your dog pals, i passed by the Roots store on 4th avenue today after my physio appointment and briefly saw this jumper in the window on a mannequin, styled with a jacket and a purse and possibly a pair of jeans. 

i was upset i couldn't find it on the website, but then i realized i wasn't looking in the right category.  it's actually a nightshirt but it was styled very cleverly as something wearable during the day. 

and damn rights i'd wear this during the day.  nightshirt my ass.  most of you know i love things that look like aprons, potato sacks, tunics, military uniforms, maternity wear, or all of the above.  this one covers a few of those categories so i might go back and try it on in the next few weeks.  i would wear it with jeans or tights and a cropped jacket.  and a big scarf. 

also, 3/4 length sleeves!  the secret window to my heart! 


Anonymous said...

Sheena was wearing something very similar today!

jocelyn said...

haha i love this girl! so much style.