dress project

So some of you know that I recently decided to commit to acting on words that come out of my mouth that sound something like, "I could make that myself." 

I've had this linen dress i found on etsy saved in the back of my head for a while.  I think it's very doable and i love things that look like formless pregnant sacks. 

My (mom's) sewing machine is mildly spectacular but I don't know if it's spectacular enough to let me get away with sewing some fine ruching like that.  Instead i was thinking i'd thread a thick elastic inside (or maybe two or three thin ones) and make a tie in the back where it can be adjustable.  Oh look at me, i'm so crafty.  Well we'll see if this works.  :P


marcia said...

do it! do it!
yay! yay! yay!

Jenn said...

Ruching is not as hard as it looks but elastic would certainly be easier and likely get you the same effect.

Danielle Benda said...

I love it! I WANT it! Can't wait to see the finished project!

Jen said...

I found some elastic-type stuff at dressew that gets that effect.. you just sew it on with a few rows of stitching and pull these drawstring-like threads and voila!

jocelyn said...

Hmm.. I'm going to do a test run with winding elastic thread on the bobbin. but it sounds like i have a lot of other options. yay :)