pottery class and handbags

marcia and i had our first pottery class yesterday.  i won't get to do or learn as much demi moore/patrick swayze wheel work as i'd like to (not enough wheels for the entire class) so look forward to lots of boring lumpy stuff, and watch out if your birthday is coming up in the next 10 weeks.  har har.  NOoooooo...

in other news, i want this bag (pictured below)!  i didn't buy one at the erin templeton sample sale last week, which was awesome, by the way.  i mean, who has sangria and chips and salsa at a sample sale?  she does!  i did buy a belt that was made from a tragic pair of leather pants that desperately needed to be re-purposed. 

anyways, this bag is made of recycled leather straps and a reclaimed WWII military stretcher: 

ok, one more note about bags.  after seeing a Fjällräven kanken mini backpack on someone else's blog i scoured the internet for one for myself.  i'm a sucker for anything cute that i can ride my bike with.

i recently discovered that my secret love J.Crew is now selling them.  i'm both angry and impressed that a large corporate giant is stocking something i think is awesome.  angry because it's a large corporate giant and i come preprogrammed to hate those kinds of things because of my social, generational, and educational spheres of influences.  impressed because J.Crew continues to sell and style things i totally dig.  like heels worn with socks.  i'm sorry, ok? i'm sorry!  


marcia said...

please don't give me that ugly pinch pot you made our first day of class as a belated birthday present. Because i don't want it.

jocelyn said...

HAHAHha you better hide your pancake pot, too!

marcia said...

My pancake pot will get you when you least expect it.