sorry, it's fashion week

It's NY Fashion Week.  Not quite as exciting or awesome as its European counterparts but just enough to fawn about.  Like Leanne Marshall's new collection.  I think she's my most favourite Project Runway winner ever.  Her Spring 2010 collection is inspired by this font called Basic Math.  Clothing inspired by fonts?  Clearly she knows the way to my heart:   

Also, my appreciation for dusty pastel pink has grown in the last few years.  I'm accepting it into my life after years of wearing boy clothes.  Dare I say I like her use of origami folds and shapes better than Christian Dior's? 


marcia said...

gasp! say it isn't so!

marcia said...

hamina hamina

Jen said...

she's so bloody fantastic.
that pink IS fantastic also. combined with my deep love of stripes? FORGET ABOUT IT. so awesome.