baby gifts

a little while ago a friend of mine had a baby and i got started on a quilt for him, the first quilt i would ever make.  i found the cutest blue fabric with an orange and yellow giraffe print.  i cut out all the pieces, measured a few yellow and red strips for the borders, and started to pin everything together. 

the kid is now three, they've packed up and moved to the other side of the country, and the quilt is still in pieces.  i really owe them something. 

now i think i've put my foot in my mouth again for another baby by submitting myself to a project i haven't even started yet and this one's 5 or 6 months old now.  i want to make a poster with an animal for every letter of the alphabet, Charley Harper style.  at least he's not old enough to read letters yet. 

a few more pages of this giant biology book.

i don't think i could be as graphically precise as Charley Harper.  well, maybe i could, but it would take me a few years to finish the poster.  i think i'm just intimidated by the idea.  i have a list of animals already.  i should just get started! 


Christina said...

you could always just go for one big letter if you feel overwhelmed!

jocelyn said...

haha, or half the alphabet. no, that would be the worst gift ever. once i get started on it i think it'll be easier to wrap my brain around the whole thing.