movies for rainy days

i watched a lot of movies at home this weekend.

1.  Coco Avant Chanel

this was more of a romantic story than i wanted it to be, but it was a very touching one, detailing Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel's life before she became one of the most influential fashion designers ever.  i'm not sure i'd recommend it, but who doesn't love Audrey Tatou?

2.  The September Issue

a peek into the production of the largest issue of Vogue magazine, the september issue (US).  i think this was supposed to be about Anna Wintour but stylist and creative director Grace Coddington kinda stole the show.  i thought i was getting tired of all the jumping editorials they do in US Vogue but Grace Coddington is so much more than that.  Grace is unassuming but also incredibly stubborn and assertive (much like Anna) but she puts together the most amazing editorials.  one of my favourites (not featured on the show since it's a few years old) is with Natalia Vodianova as Alice in Wonderland, in which designers are also dressed up as characters from the story.


Above with Christian Lacroix and Stephen Jones.  See the rest of it here.

3.  Man on Wire

this one failed to capture me except for a few moments, probably because i had only eaten 10 soda crackers all day and i chose to watch it right before bed time.  andrew had to jostle me awake several times.  but the most incredible moment is when he describes looking down from between the Twin Towers, something he'll never see again and a view that no one else will ever see.  that was totally inspiring to me and reminds me of how i love to look down when i'm rock climbing.  my experiences will never be as unique as his but i'm happy with what i manage to do.  :)

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