weekends make me tired

and that's a good thing.  i usually spend all week just being bored.  i think i live for weekends.

friday was my birthday!  my favourite person in the world made me a vegan chocolate rum pudding cake.  i totally recommend it, but don't use a springform.  just use a regular cake pan or you're in for a mess.  it was so good i didn't miss the ice cream, although everyone else there had a good squeeze of whipped cream or frozen yogurt. 

saturday i went to the Cloverdale Antique Mall with Marcia and Jen.  We didn't find any nice antique frames that were affordable but we came out with a collection of mid-century gems, including this awesome casserole dish that Marcia generously donated to my birthday cause.

and here is Jen wearing a scarf made out of a fox that we found on the first floor. it looks a little shocked, but that's only because of the fake plastic teddy bear eyes. 

but today and yesterday are boring because i'm sick.  i've been sipping Blue Sky Jamaican Ginger Ale, eating soda crackers, napping, and watching movies.  i should have known i was getting sick since i had firey shooting torso pains all day at the antique mall.  boo!  today i'm feeling much better so i will spend it doing laundry, learning spanish, and sipping more clear liquids.  i even ate a banana!

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